Grade 2’s Communities Around The World

In Social Studies the grade 2 class will be completing a group project on different countries around the world. A list is provided of the different countries the kids are learning about
Mikayla and Victoria -France
Brennan and Kaelyn -India
Daniel and Camryn -Ireland
Owen and Keeran -Cuba
Sophia and Wesley – Russia
Hailey and Nicholas – Great Britian

Student have information cards but more information is great to help them. Please let it be simple information to help them read and fine new facts.

Science project

Students will be completing another culminating task for science. The grade ones will be making a Kate and the grade twos will be making a boat that floats. Students are asked to bring in materials this week and next week. They will begin constructing their works of art next week and experimenting them on Friday. All materials are nice especially things that repel water and float.
Thanks Ms. McHugh

Money for math

Students are learning about money this month in mathematics. Please have them practice counting change at home up to $1.00 for grade twos and 20 cents and more for grade ones. Students love counting and playing with the money. Take a look at the work they have done. 20140325-102032.jpg20140325-102049.jpg20140325-102100.jpg20140325-102127.jpg20140325-102144.jpg20140325-102200.jpg