Monthly Archives: January 2014

November Homereading Numbers

During the month of November the students number of books they have read have increased. This month students read 259 books altogether and so far has read 640 books as a whole class to date.

Top 3 readers for the month of November

1) Sofia -23

2) Hannah -22

3) Nevaeh & Keeran -21

remember to bring your homereading back to calculate numbers for December

New Year, new challenges ahead

Hello students and parents,
Welcome back to school after the winter break. Hopefully everyone had a fantastic time and all. Just want to give you a head start on what the students will be doing for math.

Mathletes is a three week program that will introduce the students to some simple concept for addition fact. Down below are level one strategies they will be learning this week. A package will be sent home for the students to practice.